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    Dynamic Eating Psychology

    Dynamic Eating Psychology is a cutting edge new field that focuses on the the ever changing relationship that each of us have with food. This approach affirms that our relationship with food holds important lessons that teach each of us about our paths and patterns if we chose to listen. Furthermore this approach practices from the paradigm that our relationships, family, work, sexuality and search for connection are connected to our challenges with weight, food and whole body health.

    Mind Body Nutrition further compliments Dynamic Eating Psychology by exploring the psychophysiology of how thoughts, feelings, and beliefs impact nutritional metabolism and health. This approach to physical health considers the role that stress, breathing, relaxation, and pleasure profoundly influence digestion and metabolism.

    Who will benefit from Dynamic Eating Psychology?

    Anyone who is hoping to learn more about their relationship with food and better understand how to form healthy habits and practices.

    How Do I Get Started?

    Reach out today to get your appointment scheduled with our Certified Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition Expert.